CD Musica Gymnastica, by Einzelgänger

Einzelgänger (German for ‘loners’) is the trio of Rotterdam trombonist Louk Boudesteijn, saxophonist Nils van Haften and guitarist Anton Goudsmit. The name says it all: this are three quirky loners who cannot easily  bepigeonholed.A trio with an unconventional line-up (sax, trombone, guitar). That creates opportunities. The music goes in all directions. Sometimes the trio is introverted, but often it’s not. They can also be noisy., and have a good sense of humor too. Their debut CD is called Musica Gymnastica. They are literally bending themselves in and out of shape, while improvising playfully. It is music that leaves room for unexpected turns. Humor and fantasy are also demonstrated in the two videos; in both a funny ‘story’ is told.